Thursday 3 March 2011

Charlecote Park

An afternoon stroll around the grounds of Charlecote Park.

The House itself is still closed for the winter, and a lot of building work is being carried out so it was difficult to get a picture that did not include the scaffolding...

I love this little cottage in the grounds, and every time I see it I can imagine the children who lived there having a great time playing with their friends. The inside was empty this time but I remember on a previous visit when we had a look through the window and there was a table all set out with afternoon tea in dolls' house china.  Aahhh. 

The snowdrops are out and this is a sure sign of spring being just round the corner

There is a sculpture exhibition around the grounds at the moment so we had fun following the sculpture trail.  This one is called 'Chilled' and I must say, they both looked chilled and relaxed.

This one is called 'Swinger'

The lake

 And a closer look...

Some deer were lazing in the sunshine but immediately got up when they saw us approaching.

And finally the river.

A highly enjoyable afternoon.

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  1. Amalia's favourite bit of Charlecote is the little lead statue of a girl carrying a lamb by the front lawn...takes an age to get her past that one.