Saturday, 17 March 2018

Masters of Studio Pottery

Masters of Studio Pottery: Post-War to Present, at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery.

Most prominent figures of British pottery making are represented in this exhibition, from the pioneering pots of Shoji Hamada, Bernard Leach and Bernard Leach's early students Michael Cardew and Pleydell-Bouverie, to the monumental forms of Julian Stair and Nicholas Rena today. Gareth Mason and Akiko Hirai, two of the younger artists in the exhibition, take us full circle with their heavily encrusted jars - objects which look as if they have been chipped and excavated from the kiln.

Michael Cardew, Early Jug, 1930

Jim Partridge, Small Angular Vessel with Gold, 2018

Walter Keeler

Walter Keeler

Akiko Hirai, Moon Jar

John Ward, Black and white vessel, 1980s

John Ward, Striped Vessel, 1990

Nicholas Rena, I'll Rise to You

Michael Cardew, 2 Bean Plates, 1970

Michael Cardew, Large Footed Bowl, 1970s

Akiko Hirai, Medium Moon Jar

Akiko Hirai, Moon Jar

Akiko Hirai, Moon Jar

Philip Eglin, Seated Nude, 2006

Gordon Baldwin, Water Vessel III, 2010

Emmanuel Cooper, White Frost Bowl, 1997

Edmund de Waal, Tall Cargo Jar, 2002

Rupert Spira, Early Charger

Julian Stair, Cup, 2017

Julian Stair, Cup, 2017

Julian Stair, Cup, 2017

Julian Stair, Cup, 2017

Walter Keeler, Large Dark Jug and Large Yellow Jug, 2015

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Gravity and levity

An unexpected pleasure on Saturday, when we visited Oxford.

As part of Oxford's Dance Festival, Gravity and Levity performed a dance routine at the Westgate shopping centre.

'Gravity and Levity was launched in 2003 to explore the creative and expressive potential in applying a dance aesthetic to aerial suspension techniques, through artistic development, teaching and live productions '.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

First walk

My walk around Mill and Jephson Gardens, was my first walk in four weeks. Even though the flu I got all these weeks ago got much better after the first ten days, I was left with a low temperature that I could not shift. It's only now that I have started feeling myself again, and going out on Sunday, in the open, was such a pleasure.

I started with a round of the Mill Gardens as usual. This is my favourite bit because it's so close to the river

which, given the snow and the subsequent heavy rainfalls was very high,

ready to burst its banks.

Not having been out for this long, I was in ecstasy.


Having walked around the Mill Gardens I reached the bridge. The weir was noisy

and the water rushing away, fast

while on the other side of the weir everything was calm albeit very muddy.

This is an in-between time of year, with the signs of winter ever present

and yet the signs of spring are to be found everywhere.

Stunning crocus

and more here.

Looking closer

Some more further on

morning dew on the petals

Dog wood, brilliant in the sunshine

The first iris have appeared

one of my favourite flowers

The water fountains in the pond

The straw has been laid out, ready for the swans to nest

Finally, another burst of colour.