Sunday 11 March 2018

Reality Dimmed, Clare Woods

Reality Dimmed, by Clare Woods, at the Mead Gallery, University of Warwick.

The title of this exhibition comes from Victor Frankel's memoir of the Holocaust. Of everyday life in the German concentration camp, he wrote: 'Reality dimmed as all emotion was centred o the task of preserving one's life and sometimes the life of another'. 

Today, we live in a world of endless representation, an age of never-ending reality, of reality made and measured in a seamless world of images: billboards, illustrated magazines and photographs, cascading news pictures, facebook feeds. In her latest paintings, Clare Woods forces apart the image world to reveal what remains. Offering the last for our contemplation her painting presents what remains when reality is dimmed.

Vast in scale, these luscious and powerful paintings are inspired by found photographic imagery Woods collects.

English Murder, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

My Horrible Head, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

Reality Dimmed, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

The Dementor, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

Something Bigger, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

The Last Word, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

Smoke and Daggers, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

An Arctic Breakfast, 2017, (oil on aluminium)

Lost Heap, 2010, (oil and enamel on aluminium)

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