Saturday, 21 September 2019

Takis at the Athens Art Fair, 2019

Takis at Art Athina, 2019.

Panagiotis Vassilakis,  whose professional name is Takis, known for his kinetic sculptures, investigated the gap between art and science. Since the early 1950s he has explored new aesthetic territories, creating three-dimensional works of art that incorporate invisible energies as a fourth. He synthesised a broad range of ideas and experiences - from intensive scientific research to ancient philosophies and Zen Buddhism to encounters with other artists and writers - to forge a unique, category-defying vision that continued to evolve throughout his career. Time, space, energy and even political activism are primary materials for Takis.

The exhibition booth was too small for the number of exhibits - three booths would have done justice to the work - and it was consequently very difficult to look at everything, let alone photograph it.

Tableau Lumineux, 2005, (wood, electronic elements, lights)

Candlesticks, 1985, (bronze)

Aeolian Signal Feu d'Artifice, 1957, (iron and aluminium)

Magnetic Sphere, 1990, (bronze and iron)

 Flower, 1985, (bronze and iron)

Telelumiere - Relique, 1976, (wood, glass, metal, electric installation and objects trouves)

Magnetic Column, 2004, (magnet, steel, black colour)

Erotic Sculpture, 1979-1985, (yellow panel, bronze, wood, magnets, objects trouves)

looking closer

Triple Signal, 1978, (iron, bronze and objets trouves)

Erotic Panel, 1979, (polyester, wood, magnets)

Telelumiere Relique, 1976

Magnetic Sphere, 1988, (bronze and iron)

Musical, 1967, (wood and magnets)

Magnetic Evidence, 1983, (bronze patina and magnet) 

Super Nova No. 45, 2005, (magnetic and indian ink, watercolour, magnetic pins on canvas)

Black Hole, no. 34, 2005, (magnetic and indian ink, watercolour, magnetic pins on canvas)

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Athens Art Fair, 2019

Art Athina, 2019, in Zappeion.

The area around Zappeion was a devastation zone as they were dismantling the Athens Book Fair which had been going on for the whole weekend.

We decided to go to the Art Fair on the Monday as we thought it would be less busy. We arrived at 12:00 just as they were opening

but the queues at the entrance alerted us to the fact that it would be packed out - and it was.

Zappeion is situated in the National Garden of Athens, and it's an imposing building. Designed by Danish architect Theophil Hansen, it was the first building to be erected specifically for the revival of the Olympic Games in the modern world, and was used during the 1896 Summer Olympics as the main fencing hall

So many exhibits... and I have posted only a few.

Yannis Adamakos, Untitled, (oil on canvas)

Yannis Adamakos, Untitled, (oil on canvas)

Yannis Adamakos, Untitled, (oil on canvas)

You can see more of Adamakos' work here

Iosifina Kosma (ceramic)

Iosifina  Kosma (ceramic)

Iosifina Kosma

Gevso Papadaki, The Empty Chair/The Emptiness I Knew

Ioannis Koliopoulos and Paola Palavidi, Oh! My Goodness, (jacquard fabric)

At this point, and in order to access the other exhibition spaces we moved on to the fabulous courtyard

the ceiling

Artemis Potamianou, Manet's Luncheon on the Grass, from the 'On the Origins of Art' series

You can see more of Potamianou's work here

I then popped out to another courtyard

dominated by this palm tree, and then back in to look at more art

Haris Kontosfyris, Island Landscape

Haris Kontosfyris

Costas Tsoclis

looking closer

Aristeides Patsoglou, L'Ecriture (bronze)

Aristeides Patsoglou, Ode to Spring, (bronze)

Aristeides Patsoglou, Daphne, (bronze)

Aristeides Patsoglou, Mother, (bronze)

Trina Langskenkamp, Sunday Morning I

Trina Langskenkamp, Sunday Morning II

Eleutheria Christaki, Home Sweet Home, (oil on canvas)

looking closer

Achileas Pistonis, Good Byes, (oil on canvas)

Giannis Euthymioou, The Destruction of Constantinople, (oil on canvas)

Eleni Kyrkili, Untitled, (mixed media)

Demetris Andreadakis, August, (oil on canvas)

Pasquale Guastamacchia

Pasquale Guastamacchia

Pasquale Guastamacchia

Philipos Photiades, That One, Over There, from the series The Stories of Those Across the Road

looking closer

George Hadoulis, Kiss and Tell, (glazed ceramic)

Giorgos Hadoulis, Calypso Dream, (glazed ceramic)

Vassilis Perros, Interior 2, (oil and engraving on wood)

Vassilis Perros, Interior 5, (oil and engraving on wood and canvas)

Vassilis Perros, Interior 4, (oil and engraving on wood)

Vassilis Perros, Interior 1, (oil and engraving on wood and canvas)

Vassilis Perros, Interior 3, (oil and engraving on wood and canvas)

looking closer

Vassilis Perros, The Neon Era, (oil on canvas)

You can see more of Perros' work here

We left the building, work on dismantling the book fair was still going on, and we headed for home.