Saturday 6 April 2024


Driving on the Severn Bridge on the way to Cardiff was a real pleasure.

We went to Cardiff for the weekend, a city we have visited before and love.

A large part of the city centre is pedestrianised and this is where we started in our re-acquaintance of the city, Queen Street to be more specific.

There are some grand old buildings in this section of the city

some with very distinctive characteristics.

Quite a few sculptures

Family by Robert Thomas

Mother and Son by Robert Thomas

I can see the son but what is the other creature holding on to mother? A foetus?

An unusual merry-go-round as it's two-storey

some of the buildings are truly magnificent

a gorgeous Art Deco beauty

a sculpture of Aneurin Bevan, the founder of our NHS that the Tories are in the process of dismantling

at the end of Queen Street is the castle

There are a large number of street that are pedestrianised and dotted amongst them are the Arcades (the subject of next post) and most of them have gorgeous buildings, like this one.

There is also a large number of restaurants in the city but we chose to eat at Giovanni's both evenings of outrstay as we liked the atmosphere and the food. A bit boring, I know, but so many places were closed on a Sunday and Monday evening.

On our way to the Museum we came across this small park

gorgeous, or what ?!

After our last morning in the Museum

we decided to explore the area

Parc Mackenzie is small but lovely

great fun for the kids

This is the Civic Centre area - the University is also here

majestic buildings

I asked two students who were walking by about this building and they said, 'we call this the main building'

a mural

We then entered Alexandra Gardens

A monument 'dedicated to the Welsh Volunteers for Liverty who Defended Democracy in the Spanish Civil War'.

Finally, a good view of the back of the City Hall from here.

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