Wednesday 3 April 2024

Anya Gallaccio - Preserve 'Beauty'

Anya Gallaccio at Tate Britain

Preserve 'Beauty', 1991-2003 (2000 gerberas, glass, metal and rubber)

The installation comprises 2,000 mass-produced red bergera flowers, which have been installed in full bloom and will wilt, die and decay during the period of this display. The word 'beauty' in the title refers to a variety of cultivated gerbera, and to the concept of beauty, suggesting that life's experiences of beauty are temporary, and that attempts at preservation are futile. Still, the fact that the work is discarded after each installation, and then reinstalled with fresh flowers, reminds us that life is cyclical and nature renews itself.

looking closer

liquid dribbling down the floor as the flowers decay.

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