Monday, 4 April 2011

Cardiff Museum

Cardiff Museum is an amazing place. It has one of the finest art collections in Europe, and the largest collection of Impressionist paintings out of Paris -  a real treasure trove.

The Davis sisters who were avid collectors of Impressionist paintings and who had a real penchant for Rodin, bequeathed their collection to the Museum and what a delight it was to see it all.

 Water lillies, Claude  Monet

More water lillies

and more

Rain: Auvers, Vincent Van Gogh

La Parisienne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Woman and Child in a Meadow at Bougival, Berthe Morisot

Rouen Cathedral:setting sun, Claude Monet

 Dancer, Edgar Degas

Eve, Auguste Rodin

The Kiss, Auguste Rodin


  1. I had fun choosing this particular painting online that now hangs in my downtown office, from, who sells canvas prints of art masterpieces. While the original is treasured in some art museum in England, my print, of this painting by Edward Burne-Jones is very much appreciated by my staff and clients. The print quality is really excellent.

    1. What fun! Photography has really changed the way we appreciate art - now you don't have to go to museums, but can enjoy a masterpiece in your own home or office: it is a great thing.