Saturday 4 June 2011


We had a great time in Salisbury

we walked around

and admired the Mediaeval architecture.

At the other end of this archway is the Cathedral

which is stunning. It has the highest spire in the whole of Britain and maybe Europe

we walked around the cloisters

and admired the stonework

and then went inside, and here is Antony Gormley's Flare II,  suspended from the ceiling

a walk around the west side

and then the marvellous fountain in the centre.

As always with cathedrals, the houses around them are fantastic and this is no exception

The houses around here are so beautiful, I had to take photographs of each one.

Old, weathered brickwork

this must be one of the healthiest wisterias I have ever seen

and isn't this gate beautiful?

A cottage garden in the middle of the city

the military museum

roses in profusion

Edward Heath's house.

We stayed at the White Hart hotel

which has the most wonderful garden

We sat here in the evenings

before going out to eat

when it got dark the garden was magical - the creeper covers this wall and through the foliage you can see the lighted windows.

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