Thursday 4 August 2011

Vouliagmeni Bay

Nautikos Omilos at Vouliagmeni Bay

We have settled at the end of the bay, looking out to open sea

this is our view

this couple of sea gulls are always to be found at this spot, we are told

in the last week they have been joined by this visitor - we could not determine what kind of bird it is

the swimming here is fantastic - it is hard to believe that we are so near Athens

We go for a walk to look across the bay. Lots of people like to water ski. In this picture you can also see the beach on the other side of the bay which is very busy

Also across from us, is Vouliagmeni lake, a lacuna. It was once a large cavern that collapsed following an earthquake. The outline of the collapsed cavern roof can be clearly seen from here.

back to our loungers for some more sunbathing, just in time to see this beauty sailing past.....

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  1. The common cormorant or shag,
    Lays eggs inside a paper bag ... ?