Saturday 17 September 2011

By the gas works....

Very few of the old neo-classical buildings remain in Athens having been demolished and substituted by apartment blocks, a lot of them pretty ugly. In the last few years however some stylish, elegant and imaginative apartment blocks have started going up, and this is one of them.

It is in Gazi, on the square,

next to the gasometer.

I have taken a series of shots, moving from left to right.

It is not finished yet. People have moved into the apartments, but the ground floor is still a building site - it looks like it will be a shop.

I normally like simple, clean lines, and even though the lines here are clean, it is certainly not a simple design.  But I love it.

I love the geometry of it, the black against the white, the panels that divide each section. It looks like a piece of sculpture to me.

Some of the balconies are huge, and some are very cosy. The sitting rooms that open into each balcony have all glass walls - the views from there must be fantastic, not just the Acropolis and surrounding monuments, but also Lycavettus.

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