Monday 31 October 2011

Ceramics Biennial - continued

We are still at the Spode factory site.

Jacob Stanley

Leo Richardson


Beata  Domanska

Aime Fisher

Jenna Stanton

Janna Edwards

Now we come to a huge space filled with installations.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get the names of the contributors

These huge curved discs were lifted by crane, then dropped and smashed

Installation, or remains from the days when the factory was thriving?

This, definitely an installation.

We now move to the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery where the second part of the exhibition is housed

but first a look at the elegant sculpture at the front

Merete Rasmussen

Stoneware, using coiling technique

To emphasize the form she uses a matt surface in one colour

Caroline Tattersall

Andrea Walsh

Andrea Walsh

Andrea Walsh

Ken Eastman

Sum Kim

Sum Kim

Lowri Davies

Katharine Morling, to commemorate her grandfather who was an eye surgeon and an optician

James Evans

Phoebe Cummins

This is the award winner.

Cummins works without a fixed studio space, constructing directly on site from raw material. The intensive labour of making is heightened by the work's temporary existence. For this entry she used clay taken from the ground locally to construct a scene suggestive of the swamps that once covered the area, considering how this prehistoric landscape formed the law materials which later enabled the industrial revolution in Stoke-on-Trent and its ceramics industries.

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