Saturday, 3 December 2011

More ceramics


a quiet, sleepy village

with a very good art gallery where the ceramics are always fantastic

a bottle by Ashley Howard 

and now one with the cap on

a vessel by John Ward, whose work I love

One of Peter Hayes' plaques

and this wonderful head is a new departure for him, I think

I love Peter Wills'  bowls

his blues and greens are fantastic

they are like gems

and here's another view of the previous one

isn't this gorgeous?

still Peter Wills

three bottles by Peter Wills

a bowl by Jane Perryman

and a small one on a plinth

a vessel by Anne James

and another one

Elizabeth Raeburn

Elizabeth Raeburn, bottles from the 'Venice Carnival'  series

Elizabeth Raeburn again

and a tile by Elizabeth Raeburn.

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