Friday, 1 June 2012

In the Garden

An English Summer, at the Gallery Upstairs, Henley-in-Arden,

but in the garden, this time.

Medium Fissure Pot, Nigel Edmondson

Reading Woman, Roger Brown

Dream Cast III, David Freedman

Bird II, (Unique Portland Stone), Richard Fox

forgot to record the artist here

Diorama, Mike Bigland

The Entwined, Christopher Townsend

Iris, coming to the end of the season, but still gorgeous

Prone Pear, Upright Pear, Jim Keeling, Whichford Pottery

We have come to the end of the garden and the bridge over the stream

Looking back

and a different view

and another one

one of the various 'rooms' of the garden.


  1. The iris is the best thing in the garden...I do have a problem with garden sculpture, always so twee and/or over the top. Elegant classical statues in classical gardens fitted the scene, looping flowers in metal don't have the same appeal for me!

    1. And to think I could have included the flying pigs or the chickens doing an egg and spoon race! There wasn't much there this time and this is why I posted so many pictures of the garden. As for garden sculpture, I partly agree with you Avril: I do think however, that Hepwoth/Moore type sculptures in the right location in a garden, could be stunning.