Friday 25 January 2013

Artist's studio

The house of Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, on 3 Kriezotou Street, donated to the Benaki Museum by the artist, now a museum.

The artist started living in the house in the 1950s. He lived on the fifth floor and used the sixth floor as his studio, a large area divided into different sections:

the sitting area

with bare concrete pillars, concrete ceiling, brick walls

a closer look at the painting on the left

the area to the right of the previous picture

and books everywhere.

Additional shelves in a small adjacent room which served as a library

the entrance to the library

a closer look at the painting from the previous picture

a section of the area where the artist painted

a closer look at the painting on the left from the previous picture

artist's materials arranged against one wall


Going down the stairs to the fifth floor and the artist's living quarters, some paintings on the wall:

Dimitris Galanis, Pines at Saint-Raphael, 1928 (woodcut)

Dimitris Galanis, Panther (woodcut)

Pablo Picasso, Composition with Nudes (etching and collage on paper).  Apologies for the reflection but it could not be helped

Pierre Bonnard, Paris, 1937 (copper engraving).


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