Monday 23 December 2013

Art and Love...


'... Between 'reality' on the one hand, and the point where the mind strikes reality, there's a middle zone, a rainbow edge where beauty comes into being, where two very different surfaces mingle and blur to provide what life does not: and this is the space where all art exists, and all magic.

And - I would argue as well - all love'.



  1. I have just finished reading this, and I shall have to think about it a bit now.

    1. I hope your need to think about it means that you enjoyed it. I was totally engrossed, and even though I finished reading it over a week ago, it still lives with me, and anything else I have tried to read since, has disappointed. And, I love the idea of 'the rainbow edge' ... the space where art and love exist - what a way to describe these two concepts that are so important in our lives.
      Have you read 'The Hidden History'? It too, had a big impact on me, and I need to read it again, to re-assess after The Goldfinch.