Monday 3 February 2014


I know how people in some areas of the country have and are suffering from flooding this year. And we have been very lucky. It was still a shock to see that the Avon had burst its banks when we visited Stratford on Sunday. We had decided to walk along the river but found that we could not do the first stretch of the river walk as the path was flooded.

No sitting on those benches yesterday!

The water birds loved it though. 
We managed to walk quite a large section of the path however, as did lots of other people.

As we neared the weir, our walk came to an abrupt end. You can see how the tree-lined path is totally submerged

and the water reaches up to the seat of the bench. 

There's lots more rain to come, according to the papers today. 

Apparently this has been the wettest January in 275 years

and global warming is a reality. Governments need to start listening to scientists rather than putting the interests of big business first.

This is serious flooding - for our part of the world, anyway. 

One more view of the theatre on the way back.


  1. Yesterday was a lovely day for a walk. I find something rather beautiful about seeing flooded riverbanks - as long as no folks are suffering.

    Just to let you know that I tracked down the exhibition with Susan Michie's photograph that was shown on the Regrouping page. Her photo is of a skull in the Natural Selection exhibition - you have to scroll down a bit to find it:

    1. Thanks Olga. It was as stunning as the first time I saw it.

      It looked like an interesting exhibition - there were other things there I liked.

      As for flooded riverbanks, I find them beautiful too, but the feeling is always tinged with guilt.