Monday 17 March 2014

First walk

This time, my first view of the sea took my breath away. This is the beach down the road from our flat, where we go swimming every day in the summer.


And this is where yesterday's  walk led to

The next bay, and the winter swimmers were out in force as it was a warm, sunny day

I was envious, but I knew I would find the water too cold


looking closer


wonderful colours

Made me want to dive in

no wonder that blue and green is my favourite combination of colours


the foam, a perfect circle around the rock

We eventually reached the marina

Neo Faliro across the bay


sailing instruction

I love the colours and patterns that the currents create on the surface of the water

A view of Piraeus across from the bay

isn't she a beauty?


On the way back I admired our neighbour's pine tree, reminiscent of the ones you see all over Rome

Lots of Seville oranges on the trees which line our street


looking closer.


  1. Do people still leave the oranges to fall and rot on the pavement?
    I hope that you will recover completely now with the light and the sea that you love. Are you going to stay for Easter?
    In my teens, when visiting Athens I used to stay with relatives living in Nea Smyrni, and would walk to the sea every day. Then in the mid 80s my brother was living in Voula and I saw just how built up it had all become - and now!
    Have a great stay, and perhaps make some marmelatha!

    1. Thanks Olga. About two weeks ago I started feeling myself again - the consultant said that it takes 3 months to get over pneumonia, and I felt it almost to the day! It's so good feeling well again.

      Nea Smirni to the sea is quite a walk! We are only a few minutes away, in Kalamaki, between Palaio Faliro and Glyfada. All built up now, hardly any monokatoikies.

      As for the oranges, yes, they still fall and rot on the pavement, even though I'm sure that some get picked.

  2. I'm so glad that you are feeling well again.