Monday 27 July 2015

The art trail - 4

We are in the middle of a heat wave. The first of the summer, I am told. Everything has slowed down and any kind of activity requires great effort. The only viable solution is to go swimming. But I can't. Three weeks ago while we were walking in the woods at Blenheim Palace I got stung by some kind of beetle and the palm of my hand is a sorry and disgusting sight. I am on strong antibiotics and antihistamines but progress is very slow. I have been told I should not go swimming until it clears. So, no swimming. No walking much either, as it's impossible in this heat.

Trips to Athens are therefore a welcome distraction. We walked around Kolonaki on Saturday visiting some of the galleries that we like to go to but it was not a very successful trip as many are closed. Not surprising, given the economic situation - it's a wonder so many have survived.

First stop, the shop of Zoumboulakis Galleries.

The walk-in window had this painting of the Greek flag

Jasper Johns came to mind, but this one is by Teolemas Miltos and has the word Revolution written on one of the blue stripes.

The interior of the shop looked as inviting and interesting as ever

Fire by Manolis Romantzis

a print by Yannis Moralis

No Smoking, by H. Lambert

Across the road is the shop of one of the annexes of the Benaki Museum

and this was our next stop

small ceramic pots by Theodora Horafa

and a large one by the same ceramicist

looking in

this small box is by Horafa as well

A T-shirt of Melina Merkouri's face by Jean-Paul Gaultier

nice bags


'lucky' pomegranates

their art book section is always impressive.

Skoufa Gallery was our next stop. There was a group exhibition. No write-up whatsoever, not even a printed list of artists and prices - we had to ask the gallery assistant about each piece. This was the second gallery where we encountered this and a real sign of the times, when even a printed list of the exhibits is an 'extra' that can't be afforded.

by N. Kontrobrakis

by N. Kontrobrakis

Zoumboulaki Gallery was closed. They are open three days a week, but not on Saturdays (!)  Life goes on, but the signs of austerity in all its forms, are everywhere.


  1. The see-saw weather phenomenon seems to be working again. I have noticed before that when Greece has unbearable heat we in Britain have cold and wet weather. I really feel for you not being able to go swimming. Perastika.

    In your post above I was particularly taken with what look like prints just to the left inside the Skoufa gallery. I don't suppose you remember who made them?

    1. Euharisto, Olga.

      The artist's name is Apostolos Chantzaras and they are paintings, but I agree with you, they do look like prints. There is some more of his work on the gallery's website