Monday 18 January 2016

And, the next day....

The day after the storm we went for another walk. It was a quiet day and the sea was relatively calm except for waves breaking on the shore. Our beach was empty but lots of seaweed had been washed out.


We could see the ships lining up to get into Piraeus.

Once we reached the promenade we could see the after effects of the storm: sand, pebbles, stones and other debris that had been hauled by the huge waves onto the promenade.

The colours were muted and quietly beautiful

Once we reached the part of the promenade we had not been able to walk on the previous day, we saw that the beach had been transported on the flagstones - debris covered everything

 including parts of the grassed up area.

We decided to walk to Palaio Faliro, the next suburb. We reached Edem, one of the tavernas that we like to use in the summer.  We tend to sit on the bit further on from the awning, but instead of sand, the whole area was filled with rocks.

The palm trees were flooded with sea water.

The promenade was fairly busy

and the beaches were deserted - not much debris here, it must depend on the currents.

The light was magnificent


and the chess players were enjoying their game

a winter swimmer was doing her stretches

and a surfer was riding the waves

a sailing boat in the distance. It was beautiful.


  1. What wonderful colours the sea and sky produce, in whatever mood! How great to be able to enjoy the spectacle every day.

    1. Indeed, Olga. Walking by the sea is a constant source of pleasure. As is diving in, in the summer.