Tuesday 2 February 2016

Das Schloss, Babis Papagiannis

Das Schloss, Babis Papagiannis, at Ekfrasi Gallery, Valaoritou 9, Athens.
The only information we were given about this exhibition was a quote from Michel Foucault:
'Power is something exercised, put into action, in relationships - an active relation rather than a possession or static state of affairs. Power is never appropriated in the way that wealth or a commodity can be appropriated. Power functions. Power is exercised through networks, and individuals do not simply circulate in those networks; they are in a position to both submit to and exercise this power. They are never the inert or consenting targets of power,  they are always its relays. In other words, power passes through individuals. It is not applied to them'.
Michel Foucault, 1975

 The abstract paintings are wonderful.

(oil and charcoal on canvas)


(oil and charcoal on canvas)

(oil, pastels and charcoal on canvas)


(Charcoal on canvas)

(oil, pastels and charcoal on canvas)

(charcoal on canvas)

(mixed media: stitched-up pieces of canvas and oil on canvas)

looking closer.


  1. I love these. Thank you for showing them both close up as well as in situ.

    1. I loved them too, Olga, particularly the first two and the last one.

    2. The one with the horizontal red line is my favourite of all, but I find them all powerful. I also smiled to see the seemingly enthralled cat - but that is a very British reaction, I think!

    3. Olga, I took that photograph because of the cat - I said to the gallery owner, 'I have to snap the cat, this would make a perfect photograph', she smiled and moved to the side. The cat is a permanent feature, she's been there for years. We feel we know her well. An art lover, obviously....