Wednesday 20 April 2016

Summer exhibition at the Stour Gallery

The Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, Summer Exhibition.

Jane Wheeler ceramics:

Interesting forms and gorgeous, complex textures.

looking closer

Michelle Griffiths:

I really like Griffiths' work, their peaceful, contemplative quality.

Peloponnisos (oil on canvas)

Columns, (drawing on plaster)

 Still Standing, (mixed media, drawing on plaster)

Wall Drawing, Exodus, (missed media on plaster)

The Summer that Was, (mixed media, drawing on plaster)

Diana, (mixed media on plaster)

And some more:

It was a pleasure seeing the Angel by Christopher Marvell (bronze) again.

Untitled, by Janis Ridley

Totem (with gold insert), by Peter Hayes

Green Field, Catherine Headley

Chris Carter

looking in

Tregiffian Bamboo, Simon Pooley.

As I was leaving the gallery, the town crier was announcing the next town council meeting

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