Thursday 3 November 2016

Peter Wills at the Ceramics Gallery

Peter Wills at the Oxford Ceramics Gallery, Oxford.

Having enjoyed the tea bowls at the gallery, I moved on to the back room where they exhibit assorted pieces. They'd just had a delivery of some of Peter Wills bowls which I always find exciting to look at, not just because of the vibrant colours, but also because of the design and form.

This is what his website says about his work: 'Peter formerly worked with fine white clays that he blended to his own recipes; however, more recent work has been undertaken with a blend of English porcelain from Valentine Clays. His current production is almost exclusively one-off bowls and vases. Most work is thrown on a potter's wheel, raw-glazed when bone dry and once fired to 1280oC. The lure of new glazes he finds irresistible and he is constantly experimenting with and developing new glaze recipes'.

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