Saturday 3 December 2016

Ryton Pools Water Park

A bright, sunny day, the sun low in the sky. I had not been to Ryton Pools for a while, and this was a good day for a walk

The sun turned the leaves into gold

red berries have been plentiful this year

bare branches against a blue sky.

I reached the first pool

and was greeted by the water birds

the sky hiding behind the trees.

I took the path that circles around the pool

the sun, the star of this particular walk.

The water was sparkling

Very few people around as it was a weekday, the park all mine

I reached the canal, the sun reflecting in the water

wonderful reflections all around.

A lone swan in the canal

I entered the bird hide and saw another swan, the mate of the previous one, I presumed

 Towards the end of my walk I came across another, much smaller pool

more red berries and having come full circle, I reached the car park.

Having driven out of the park I stopped the car to take a photograph of this line of grasses

they reminded me of Anselm Kiefer's work which I had seen at the White Cube gallery the week before.



  1. The teasils in your final photographs here reminded me of a story Mervyn told once of giving an art teacher at his Bedford school a lift home. His boot was filled with heaps of exercise books to mark and the back seat was full of A level course work folders. As they drove along they came to a bank of teasils and she asked Mervyn to stop the car. She got out, picked a bunch of them, threw them onto the back seat of the car and said, 'Good, that's tomorrow's lessons sorted. They can all draw teasils.' After this M divided the world of education into teasil pickers and others!