Tuesday 9 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn in Leamington

Despite very short notice, hundreds of supporters came to Leamington yesterday to listen to Jeremy Corbyn, filling the area outside the Town Hall, with the crowd spilling into the road forcing police to direct traffic around people standing on The Parade.

For the many, not the few - was the central thrust of his speech.

He talked about the increasing privatisation of the NHS, outlining a vision that would reverse the marketization of health, integrate social care and improve staff morale to build a high quality, public and universal NHS, free at the point of delivery.

On education, he stressed that there is no greater responsibility than ensuring that children get the education that they deserve. Failing to invest in people wastes their potential and the economy underperforms.

One of his top priorities would be to build more council houses and introduce tougher regulation of the private rental sector in order to tackle Britain's desperate housing crisis. A future Labour government would launch a series national initiatives to tackle the housing crisis, aimed in particular at helping younger and less well-off voters.

Finally, he reminded the audience that he started out at 200/1 to be leader of the Labour Party - there is hope...

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