Tuesday 25 July 2017

Around Trikala Corinthias

Despite the weather we managed a few walks around Ano Trikala Corinthias - short walks, as we were worried about it starting to rain again. During our first two days the village was eerily quiet - there were no visitors or tourists and all the locals stayed in. We did not see one single person when we ventured out for our first walk - a great contrast to what we have been told it's like in the winter months, where sometimes traffic jams occur.

For this first walk we decided to explore the north part of the village and beyond, up the mountain.

We walked past our favourite taverna, Stou Dekleri,

past one of the local churches

Agios Gerasimos

past this path

that leads to a secluded house

left the village, and started climbing up the mountain,

but did not go very far as it looked like it might rain again.

We turned around and started exploring the village

past the round house

and the newly-built chalets.

For our second and third walks we walked south towards Mesaia Trikala (middle Trikala, as opposed to Ano Trikala -  there is also a Kato Trikala, denoting the lower village)

Houses on the edge of Ano Trikala

we reached the bridge

looked down at the brook - the water was very muddy due to all the rain

and came to the vrisi - the fountain that is fed from the mountain streams. In the past this would have been the center of village life, as women and their children would come to get water, meet their neighbours and chat but also do their washing

In places, all we could see was cloud

We passed the snow bus, sitting idle in the summer

lovely blue mountain flowers

During our first walk on this stretch we met a woman who stopped and chatted with us. She told us that locals use this plant to make walking sticks: they uproot it, strip it, lay it in the sun to dry, and use the root as the handle

we came across another vrisi,

and further along, yet another one - no shortage of water here

and now we could see the first houses of Mesaia Trikala

a shop that sells local produce, sadly closed

most houses in this area are made of stone

Another sweet little house, with a gorgeous garden at the back overlooking the mountains

By now we had reached the end of the village,

we then saw a sign for the Castle of Dreams, so had to investigate. We walked down a narrow alleyway and here it is - a luxury hotel

we passed a little church.

Retraced our steps, and came to this place,

and sat on the terrace that is on the edge of the cliff. Last year when we came here, the terrace was packed, but people preferred to sit inside this time, but not us. The views are spectacular here

when there is no cloud, that is - you can see the cloud advancing in this photograph

but half an hour later, the cloud had somewhat cleared and we could enjoy the view before heading back to our guest house

and for the first time got clear views of Ano Trikala.

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