Tuesday 17 October 2017

Ceramics at Montpellier

I always try to pop into Montpellier whenever we go to Stratford as they tend to have some interesting ceramic pieces. The problem is that they never indicate who the artist is so you have to ask about every piece, which gets tiresome after a while, particularly since quite often they do not know who the artist is. So, they have to look at the code of each piece which is written next to the price, then consult the book. It gets very frustrating and you end up feeling that you are being a nuisance. 

Here are some pieces that I particularly liked, but, with the exception of Sally MacDonell, whose work I recognise, I do not know who the artists are.

Sally MacDonell


  1. And I thought you had gone to France! The gallery looks great, and their website shows the breadth of their coverage. It is good to know that there are still a fair number of these galleries around.

    1. Olga, I just felt like having a moan, that's all... It's a great shop and we are very lucky to have it in our area. Years ago, before I got interested in ceramics I bought a Peter Wright sculpture from there. His work is so difficult to find, and I have never seen it sold anywhere else. It was a real find and I treasure it.

    2. I can completely understand why not naming the artists drives you mad. I find it bizarre really. It must simply be that most folks don't really want to know who made what when they look, and perhaps only want to find out if they make a purchase.
      How fortunate you are to have a Peter Wright piece. I suppose because there are no longer new pieces the galleries are more interested in selling living artists.

    3. When I have asked they say that they represent too many artists and it would be impossible to name all of them. It is a source of irritation when I am there, and in the past when posting about the gallery I have gone to their website and managed to name most artists that featured in my post. I just could not be bothered to do so this time. As I said it's a source of irritation, but I am very glad that the gallery exists as there are so few left.

      My Peter Wright piece I treasure. It's one of my favourites.