Friday, 9 February 2018

My favourite thing....

We've had a very quiet, relaxing time in Greece so far.  What we like doing the most is going for a walk by the sea and ending up at Skippers. We start walking down our street where the Seville orange trees that line the road have shed most of their fruit - the pavement is littered with them. I have made two batches of marmalade so far, but most people do not seem to pick them.

On the bottom left corner of this photograph you can see the sea in the distance.

We cross the main road and this is our first full view of the sea - the beach where we swim in the summer.

A walk down the hill takes us to the free beach - there are always things going on here, regardless of the weather.

The promenade is pleasant

and provides uninterrupted views of the sea

but soon we will reach the marina which you can see in the distance.

And here we are

lots of expensive yachts

but a few fishing boats too.

It takes us 45 minutes to reach Skippers. Not too busy on this particular day. We love sitting here - it's quiet, the service is good, and it's very relaxing. We have to sit in the front row though and we usually manage it, even if sometimes it means having to move when a table is finally free.

This is our view

which includes this old galleon.

We usually sit here for at least an hour.

Last time, on the way back we noticed a new member of the sailing club that is located near Skippers.

One single fruit on this palm tree

Light and shade on the Ymettus mountain range in the distance as the light had changed

A dark cloud hovering above

but not for long. And we ended up where we had started, looking down on our beach.

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