Thursday, 16 August 2018

Agios Kirikos in Ikaria - the waterfront

Agios Kirikos is the capital of Ikaria and one of its main ports. The town is wrapped around the bay/port where most of the social life occurs. There is also an older, residential part which will be the subject of another post.

Just across is a small island whose hills turn a rose colour as the sun sets.

Up on a hill is the cathedral of Saint Kirikos, which dominates the landscape.

The harbour

and a series of small bays make up the waterfront

hills all around,

Lots of small boats in the smaller bays.

Above the main harbour on a hill, we came across this sculpture. We were not able to find out who the sculptor is but my guess is that it's Nikos Icaris, as the style is very similar to the Mermaid sculpture which you will see further down this post. It depicts, we think, God above, holding Christ (we could see the stigmata on his hands) who in turn is trying to lift humankind up towards Heaven. It's a wonderful sculpture.

The main square runs parallel to the sea

and this is where most of the restaurants and cafeterias are located. It was packed at night, with loads of children running around, having lots of fun and screaming in the process.

All along the sea front are the almyres, trees that only grow by the sea, as they need the sea salt in order to thrive

On a quay, across from the cafeteria in the image above, is this sculpture, Mermaid, by Nikos Ikaris.

Away from the main square, there is a series of houses all along the sea front. Traditional houses with old iron-wrought gates, like this one.

Looking through the gate

No sandy beaches here, but rocks and pebbles instead

Rumination by Nikos Ikaris, stands here

We walked along here

it was late afternoon and it was deserted but we have been told that lots of people swim here during the day.

A quiet section of the town

The houses are traditional

and most are well maintained.

Back in the main part of town, in the shopping area

we came across this shop

that sells local products

nuts and dried fruits,

oils and vinegars,

homemade pasta and local honey

hand made cosmetics,


and herbal teas and herbs.

There were cats everywhere - all very thin, we thought

Steps everywhere

leading up to the older part of town.

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