Monday 21 January 2019

The Stratford Gallery - Winter Exhibition 2019

A new exhibition at the Stratford Gallery.

Jessica Thorn:

Margaret Curtis:

Matt Oval Cylinder (Black stoneware)

Matt Oval Cylinder (Black stoneware)

Eddie Curtis:

Celadon Mizusashi (Japanese tea ceremony cold water container), (stoneware, celadon, copper oxides)

Shino Cha-ire (Japanese tea ceremony tea caddy), (stoneware)

Celadon Chawan with red copper accents (kurinuki technique)


Eddie Curtis

Eddie Curtis

Margaret Curtis


  1. It is a lovely gallery. I can't leave it without buying something, five vessels by Mizuyo Yamashita on my first visit, 2 pieces by Janine Rope on my second. It makes lunch in Stratford an expensive business!

    1. It's a wonderful gallery as are the people who run it. I have the same problem as you: I cannot leave without buying something, and that is the only negative aspect. Seriously though, it's just great having it on our doorstep, particularly as so many galleries have closed.