Monday 18 February 2019

Wolf in sheep's clothing

We saw them piling out of the police klouva (cage - as in vehicle in which to cage dissenters) in Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, with their guns, tear gas cannisters, grenades and shields. We wondered where they were going as there did not seem to be anything going on.

Later on we saw them in Voulis Street marching in line.

We decided to follow them

and finally found them in Ermou Street, the busiest shopping street in Athens. We still could not figure out what was going on, why they were milling around in the midst of Saturday shoppers.

And then they took up their positions,

because the Threat had arrived: a small group of people asking for higher wages.

This is the repressive arm of the State, a State led by a government that calls itself  left-wing, a wolf in sheep's clothing.

What is really sad and depressing is that four years ago, SYRIZA would have been at the head of this small demonstration, demanding justice. They did not seek justice for long, as they were voted into power with their lies and deception and now all pretence about equality and justice and fairness has been abandoned and the order of the day is the violent repression of working people who are asking for some crumbs off the big cake that SYRIZA and their cronies are devouring.

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