Saturday, 30 March 2019

St Albans Verulamium Park

Even though we go to St Albans every year to visit family, we had never visited the Verulanium before. After a lovely family birthday lunch we went for a walk as it was a sunny day. We walked through the town, past the Cathedral and once we reached this pub, 

we were faced with this most wonderful view.

The park is named after the Roman city of Verulamium on which it stands. The City walls and outline of the main London Gate can still be seen. During the archaeological excavations in the 1930s, a 1800-year-old hupocaust (a system of central hearing in a building that produces and circulates hot air below the floor of a room, and may also warm the walls with a series of pipes through which the hot air passes) and its covering mosaic floor were discovered.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to explore this, but we certainly will next time we visit the town. We were, however, able to walk around the ornamental lake which is fed by the river Ver.

Because it was such a nice sunny day, most of St Albans population seemed to have had the same idea as us.

The lake is home to wealth of waterbirds, including mallards, swans, herons, great crested grebes, coots, and tufted ducks.

Our circular walk was very pleasant and we eventually ended up back at the house.

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