Saturday, 17 August 2019

Therma in Ikaria

Nestled in the middle of a tiny valley, with mountains on either side, Therma in Ikaria is a small village 

that boasts two streets only, 

and a few paths that lead to the houses on the sides of the hills.

One of the main attractions is the small bay around which the village is built. The sea is the brightest blue, and the Fourni (Ovens) islands in the distance provide a focus for the eye particularly since they change colour as the light changes.

The setting sun makes them turn pink

and when the mist comes down they become truly otherworldly.

The sunsets are spectacular.

On this side of the cove is the Spilaion, the hot spring the surges on the edge of the water and the eponymous spa. Beyond that the houses rise as the hill does.

On the other side is the wreck of a former hotel and beyond, the rocks around which we like to swim.

This is the main and only square

dominated by the second spa of the village.

The church is at the end of one of the two streets

and opposite the church is the village fountain which in the past must have been the only source of water and the centre of the social life of the village.

During the last weekend of our stay there was a makers' market in the square

and the streets around it.

A lot of home made cosmetics, olive oil, vinegars and various handicrafts were on sale.

Access to the village is by bus or this boat which runs every 15 minutes or so - this is Ikaria after all, where time is relative, and relaxation and taking things easy, is the order of the day.

These structures are used everywhere in Ikaria to create harbours. They are reminiscent of Sarah Lucas' Nuds, her abstract forms created by using stuffed tan nylon tights.

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