Tuesday 12 November 2019

Ceramics at the Bevere Gallery

Another excellent exhibition at the Bevere Gallery, Worcester.

Christy Keeney:

In Christy Keeney's figurative ceramics, sculpture and drawing overlap. In the early 1980s Keeney visited a retrospective exhibition of Picasso at the Tate gallery and many of his influences derived from seeing that work - especially a collection of small cardboard cut-out and folded figurative sculptures. These two dimensional pieces opened a world of possibilities on how he would approach his work.

He lives in Donegal.

Sasha Wardell:

Sasha Wardell's distinctive work is a combination of pure white slip cast bone china, treated with unique decorating techniques and finished in a carefully chosen palette of muted, subtle colours.

Lara Scobie:

Lara Scobie's work explores the dynamics of simple, clear forms along with the interplay of pattern, drawing and mark-making on a three-dimensional plane. She creates her work using a slip cast method, pouring liquid clay into plaster moulds which she then individually shapes before applying her intricate patterns and drawings on the surface. She uses Parian ware, a type of bisque porcelain that imitates the texture and look of marble.

 Ian Sherman:

 Adam Buick:

 Jack Doherty:

Katharina Klug:

Jewels Williams:

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