Tuesday 17 December 2019

The house of Panayiotis Tetsis in Hydra.

The house of Panayiotis Tetsis in Hydra.

Panayiotis Tetsis was born in 1925 in Hydra which, together with the island of Sifnos, would inspire most of his work. He was an exponent of the post-impressionist seascape tradition. You can see some of his work here .

We visited his house in Hydra last summer on a day when it was too windy to go swimming.

Like most houses in Hydra, the house is built around a courtyard. It's a modest house, retaining most of its original features - a good example of island architecture.

A video about the artist was being shown in the first room we entered.

The dining room

with a door that leads to the back yard.

The living room

The bedroom on the first floor

We were then able to visit his mother's grocery store which stayed open until the 1950s.

It has been preserved the way it was when it was operational.  Oils, alcoholic drinks on these shelves


I remember lots of these tins from when I was growing up in Greece

This contraption was used for making candles

which they would then hang here to dry

We then moved out to the courtyard

and took the steps that lead to his studio.

A nice seating area

and more steps

lead to a further terrace

with stunning views of the hills and the countryside

I loved the look of this church

and here's another one perched on top of the hill.

A good view of Leonard Cohen's house

Three rooms upstairs: a sitting room

the guest room

and his studio.

A lot of unfinished paintings in the studio

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