Saturday 7 November 2020

The art trail, October 2020 - part 2

The art trail continued, a week later. First stop, Nitra Galery where the paintings and one sculpture  of Alexandra Roussopoulos are exhibited.

On our way to the next gallery, we walked past this restaurant, which I think looks very inviting.

Next stop, Gallery Genesis. No write-up on the artists yet, as they just had mounted the exhibition, so I don't know who the artists of the art works we saw were, but here are some images anyway.

Ceramics sculpture by Iosifina Kosma.

Indigo is must across the road from Genesis, it's a shop, rather than a gallery but they sell interesting ceramics so we stopped to have a look.

Ceramics produced on the island of Sifnos.

A bit further down the road, Kalfayan Gallery.

They always seem to exhibit very small paintings or artefacts, which exaggerates the space - I don't think  this is intentional. but it seems to be the case every time we visit.

Aporia by Antrea Tzourovits was on display. Small, highly polished wood artefacts, very beautiful.

This is not wood, but actual washing-up sponges. Ken said he could not wait to get home and reproduce this! Not.

It was all uphill from now on

We paid a brief visit to Home Service,  a household item shop that sells a few pieces of studio pottery. I particularly liked these two bowls

On our way, we walked past Dexameni, 

and had a look at the reservoir that provided water for most of Athens in the 20th century.

and then it was time for lunch. We stopped at Philippou 

and sat outside in a small terrace on the side of the restaurant.

I like what they've done with that wall.

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