Thursday 22 April 2021

Red Rag gallery

I find the art exhibited in most provincial private galleries disappointing, except for their ceramic collections, but the Red Rag gallery in Stow-in-the-Wold has a better collection of paintings and sculpture than most, so we tend to have a look whenever we go to the village.


Janet Ledger, Green Hythe, Kent, (oil on canvas)

Vivien Mallock, Riverdance, (bronze)

Charles Hardaker, Twelve Objects - Glass, (oil on canvas)

Charles Hardaker, Evening Door, (oil on canvas)

Roy Hodrien, Decanter of Red Wine with Pears, (oil on canvas)

Roy Hodrien

Roy Hodrien, Silver Flagon with Plums, (oil on canvas)

Anthony Ellis, Still Life with Mug and Red Grapes, (oil on canvas)

Charles Hardaker, Morning Door, (oil on canvas)

Vivien Mallock, Dancer - Improptu, (bronze)

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