Tuesday 24 August 2021

Gagosian Gallery, Athens

The Gagosian Gallery in Athens, have changed premises.

They have moved from the very small gallery space in the centre to the most wonderful neoclassical building in Kolonaki.

I loved the building so much I decided that it deserved a post of its own, even though I did not do it justice in my photograph taking. I did not photograph the wonderful staircase, or the plasterwork on the ceilings. I wanted to find out more about this wonderful building and rang the gallery for more information: unfortunately the person I spoke to did not know anything about the history or the architecture of this mansion and I could not find anything on the internet either.

This is the side of the building, but the main entrance for the gallery is located here.

Looking down from the entrance to the gallery.

This is the first room we entered after the hall which is the reception area. I love the windows. The building has been restored beautifully as the floor testifies.

The three bay windows of this room upstairs are floor to ceiling glass

it felt so airy and light

From one of the windows I could see this tree. They are everywhere, and they are in flower - they are wonderful, 

unfortunately I don't know what they're called

The upstairs landing and the stairs. The wooden panel on the wall is doubled up and the outer panel functions as a rail to hold on to as you go down the stairs - how clever is that!

This building makes me want to abandon my fantasy of living in a modernist glass box, and replace it with living here.

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