Tuesday 8 February 2022

The Stratford Gallery - autumn 2021

The Sratford Gallery, Broadway. Autumn exhibition.

A pleasure visiting the gallery - as always.

Mitch Pilkington:

Pilkington creates hand-built sculptural ceramics inspired by the natural forms from her coastal finds, both at home in North Devon and on her travels. Her stoneware vessels hark back to the dry, worn spirals of old conch shells collected on Caribbean beaches. She uses highly grogged stoneware and porcelain clays, often coloured with body stains and surface treatments of slips and oxides, to fully enhance the natural sculptural qualities of the clay. She employs techniques such as coiling, pinching and slabs. Her pieces invoke a sense of calm, serenity and connection.

Large white point sculpture, (stoneware)

Large low grey sculpture, (stoneware)

Large low white sculpture, (stoneware)


Emma Maiden:

Summer bird, edition 4/8, (bronze)

Sasha Wardell:

'Bone china is a very 'single-minded' clay which forces clarity and precision, whilst demanding perseverance from the maker. Possessing qualities of intense whiteness, translucency and strength, makes it very seductive material to work with'.

Veil ripple vase, (bone china)

Veil ripple bowl, (bone china)

Inhwa Lee:

Lee's porcelain pieces draw from the appearance of traditional Korean ceramics, but place greater emphasis on the malleability and aesthetic possibilities presented by her material. She works with a blend of opaque and translucent clay and porcelain to create hand-thrown cylindrical vessels with a marbled appearance. Once her clay is dry, she works the interior and exterior of each piece to render the walls so fine that light can pass through them. She creates delicate clay vessels that resemble marbled paper and appear to glow from within.

Material Moments, 20, (porcelain)

Material MOments, 13, (porcelain)

The Japanese Collection:

Kiyoshi Yamato, engraved vase, (red and white clay body with alumina glaze, gas fired) with signed wooden box

Kazuya Ishida, Chrysalis

Kazuya Ishida, Spiral vase form

Osamu Inayoshi, (natural ash glaze Kurinuki Mizusashi)

Hiroshi Yamada, Shizenkaiyu (natural ash glaze), Tsubo

Asato Ikeda, Celadon Chawan, (porcelain)

Masamichi Yoshikawa, Todduri - sake pourer, (porcelain)

Kei Tanimoto, Wall hanging

Kei Tanimoto, Wall hanging

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