Tuesday 14 June 2022

National Museum of Contemporary Art in Chiado, Lisbon - the permanent collection

National Museum of Contemporary Art in Chiado,  Lisbon - the permanent collection.

It's all Portuguese art in this museum and it was a pleasure visiting it.

Joao Jacinto Sem Titulo, 2001-12, (oil on canvas)

Angelo De Sousa, Sem Titulo, 1966, (acetate on cardboard)

Sylvie Fleury, Shalimar, 1997, (rug and 4 pairs of shoes)

Peter Halley, Imitation Games, 1998, (acrylic, fluorescent acrylic, metallic acrylic, pearlescent acrylic)

Beatriz Hilhazes, Southern Seas, 2001, (acrylic on canvas)

Paula Rego, The Vivian Girls at the End of the World, 1984, (acrylic on canvas)

looking closer

looking closer

Henrique Pousao, Neapolitan Woman, or, The Model at Rest, 1882, (oil on canvas)

Sitting Djenne Woman, 15th-16th century, (terracota)

Rosangela Renno. Untitled, 2000, (light jet print)

Sue Williams, Floating Aprons, 1995-56, (oil on canvas)

Sandy Skoglund, The Cocktail Party, 1992, (cibachrome print)


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