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Minimalisms and Conceptualisms of the Berardo Collection

Minimalisms and Conceptualisms of the Berardo Collection, Lisbon.

In the 1960s, the world was still recovering from WWII, while enduring the Cold War. With American imperialism and Soviet influence, new counterculture movements - against not only capitalism and consumerism but also Soviet culture - emerged and influenced the visual arts.

In this exhibition the collection starts with works from the 1960s, including the first minimalist experiments, based on ideas of plainness, simplicity and neutrality, and made with industrial materials. These works presuppose an interaction with and new forms of perception from the viewer, offering the latter new experiences. This contemporary tendency - to turn to space, to embody and/or transform the artwork - was also explored in Post-Minimalist and Conceptual practices.

Elsworth Kelly, Yellow Relief with Blue, 1991

Morris Louis, Beta Tau, 1961

Frank Stella, Hagamatana II, 1967

Agnes Martin, Untitled, 1989

Carl Andre 144th Travertine Integer, 1985

John McCracken, Gate, 1995

Sol LeWitt, Eight-Sided Pyramid, 1992

Larry Bell, Vertical Gradient on the Long Length, 1995

Imi Knoebel, Eva 

Bruce Nauman, Smoke Rings, 1980

Bruce Nauman, Double Poke in the Eye, 1985

Richard Serra, Point Load, 1988

Rebecca Horn, The Trembling Tale, 1979

Haino Unido, Secret Painting (Ghost), 1968

Reino Unido, Painting/Sculpture, 1967

Michael Craig-Martin, Looking, 1996

Joseph Kosuth, Self-Described and Self-Defined, 1965

Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Plants, 1965

Olivier Mosset, Douglas, 1985-1986

Claude Viallat, Bleu de Methylene - Toile Teinte, 1971

Anish Kapoor, Eyes Turned Inwards, 1993

Robert Mangold, Four-Colour Frame Painting 2, 1983

Fernando Calhau, Untitled, 1988


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