Sunday, 21 August 2022

Rhoda Bertz

We missed most of Warwickshire Open Studios this year, as we travelled to Greece. We did have the opportunity however, to visit two venues, and one of them was to see Rhoda Bertz's paintings. This was a real pleasure, and I was pleased to see that her work has developed considerably in the last three years.

Rhoda Bertz is a German artist. This is her statement from her website:

'I divide my time between Germany, the UK and France, my travel inspires a lot of my work.

I draw constantly, my drawing informs and feeds all all my work, however abstract or expressionist it might be. My work is mostly in oil and the drawing underpins it.

I like to work on big formats and small formats as they express different part of my creativity. In the 2020 lockdown I have returned to making collages, where I rip my paintings up and assemble them afresh'.

Rock Formation 1, (collage oil on paper)

Rock Formation 2, (collage oil on paper)

Summerscape, (oil on canvas)

Homage to Lee Krassner, 1, (collage oil on paper)

Homage to Lee Krassner, 2, (collage oil on paper)

Storyboard, 1 & 2, (collage oil)

Pots, (oil on paper)

Cave 1, (oil on paper)

Cave 2, (oil on paper)

Cave 3, (oil on paper)

Cave 4, (oil on paper)

Cityscape, 1 

Cityscape, 2