Friday 21 October 2022

Ryton Pools and more

We've been back for almost two weeks now, and have been for lots of long walks as the weather has been quite nice here in the UK. One of these walks was to Ryton Pools which we thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a grey day with the odd burst of sunshine, and we were so grateful that there was no rain.

We got to the dipping pond only to find that there was no water: whether it's been drained or whether it was due to the dry weather in the summer, I do not know.

We took the narrow path that leads out of Ryton Pools onto Wappenbury Woods

one can see one of the pools from here

not a single water bird in sight - very unusual.

We left Ryton Pools and took this path that would take us to Wappenbury Woods

very narrow at times.

Wappenbury Woods on our right

and the ancient wood of Ryton Pools on our left.

We entered Wappenbury Woods and wandered around for a while. We got a bit lost, and when we asked three people we met they said that it would be another 5 miles to reach Ryton Pools. We decided that, given that we wanted to explore the pools it would make the walk too long, so we decided to retrace our steps and leave exploring the woods for another time.

The sun came out and everything was transformed

lots of acorns on the ground - it's that time of year

back to the spot where we could see the pool

We eventually got to the bird hide, but no water birds anywhere

the sand martin wall

by the stream

it's a beautiful walk

We got to the field where the donkey and the pony graze. As always, the pony ignored us but the donkey started approaching

and joined us, hoping for some food no doubt, but we did not have anything - we must remember next time.

We could see the second pool now

and eventually

reached the platform where the water birds assemble hoping for food - but it was empty

a few mallards spotted us though

and joined us.

Past the small railway line

the multi-coloured toy train is new. We walked to the car park and drove back home.


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