Monday 24 April 2023


We had a wonderful time around Mayfair in London a couple of weeks ago.

We wandered around, soaking up the atmosphere and admired the architecture - I always stop and look at the Fortnum and Mason's building

mainly because of the Lynne Chadwick sculpture

but I also like the clock.

We then went to the Royal Academy

to see two exhibitions

Souls Grow Deep like Rivers, an exhibition of the work of black artists from the American South

and Spain and the Hispanic World.

Having seen the two exhibitions we decided it was time to get something to eat. Unfortunately, Le Richoux, our favourite restaurant in the area, has changed management, and we did not fancy the new menu. 

So we went to Caffe Concerto instead

where the decor is a bit over the top

but the food is good.

Next stop, Marlborough Gallery where there was an exhibition on Sculpture in Post-War Britain.

On the way to the bus stop that would take us back to the train station, we saw Carpo and we went inside because seeing it made me nostalgic for Athens

and it was just like their shops in Athens



chocolate covered nuts

tisanes and herbs

nuts and dried fruit.


We then walked to Regent Street and got our bus.

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