Wednesday 15 November 2023

Giorgos Hadoulis at Art Athina, 2023

Giorgos Hadoulis at Art Athina, 2023, at Zappeion Megaron, Athens.

I have been following George Hadoulis' work for years, his progression from figurative, to abstraction and expressionism, to his jewel-toned landscapes, vibrant rock paintings and studio views and have loved all of it.

I have not been that keen on his paintings of the Acropolis which have left me indifferent, and there was one of those at the art fair:

In the last few years he has expanded his repertoire to include pottery and the result is vessels that are exuberant, colourful, bursting with life.

Karnak, 2022, (glazed ceramic)

Pharaoh, 2023, (glazed ceramic)

Allegro, (glazed ceramic)

Orestes, 2023, (glazed ceramic)

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