Thursday, 24 February 2011

The George Economou collection

The newly opened Municipal Art Gallery in Metaxourgio is a stunning place

The gallery is in the newly renovated old silk factory, in two buildings which are separated by a narrow paved courtyard, in stunning rooms

with the original ceilings

The current exhibition is of the private collection of George Economou and what a treasure trove it is! There are so many paintings and drawings.  The whole time I kept thinking, 'how is it possible for a private collector to acquire so many treasures'. But possible it is! 

Louis Anquetin, Women at their Toilet

Egon Schiele,  Naked Kneeling Man

Carry Hauser, In the Garden

Henry Moore, Autumn Storm

Ivan Klium, Two Heads

Le Corbusier, Couple

Nathan Altman, Blue Landscape

Carl Grossberg, Rokin Street  (I love Rokin street, and looking at the picture made me feel I was there)

Marcel Duchamp, A Couple of Aprons

Tamara Lempicka, Reclining Nude

Lucien Freud, Study of a Head

Kathe Kollwitz, Chalk on Paper.  (We did not manage to go to the Kathe Kollwitz Museum in Berlin and this is a regret, and one of the reasons why we have to go back. We managed to see the Kollwitz square however  - as well as having a wonderful brunch there -  and it is one of the nicest areas in the city and certainly  worth another visit)

Pablo Picasso, Coloured Chalk on Paper

Vlasimir Malevitch, Violin

Georges Braque, SAO (in Greek as in picture)

Henri Marisse, Female Bust

As we were leaving the gallery, we found out that this is just a fraction of the George Economou collection (!) and that a second exhibition will be staged in March - we will certainly be there.


  1. It all looks wonderful, and inspiring for those of us to are trying to paint portraits!

  2. Very good review. Most enjoyable to look at.