Wednesday 2 February 2011

A stroll by the sea

When it is warm and sunny there is nothing better than going for a walk by the sea. So, we leave the house, walk down our street, cross the busy and hazardous for pedestrians main road, and there we are...

overlooking the beach where we go swimming in the summer. The sand sculpture is there most days in winter, re-drawn every morning, the same shape more or less...

We then walk down the road to the next beach, a beautiful rounded bay which is extremely busy with swimmers in the summer, but quiet in winter except for the occasional winter swimmer, some joggers and loads of seagulls.

We then get to my favourite bit where you get a view of the wide expanse of sea, the most vivid blue on a sunny day.

There are always boats to be seen

the rewards are great if you look closely.

We then walk on to the end of the quay where we can see Piraeus in the distance.

We saw a fisherwoman there the other day and she had caught this fish - she was beating it ferociously and stamping on it with her feet. We asked her why she was doing this and she said that this was a scorpion fish whose sting is extremely painful so she had to kill it before putting it gingerly in a plastic bag, ready for making delicious soup.

 We then retrace our steps and go into the marina where we look at the larger boats. There are always loads of people about working on their boats or just sitting on deck enjoying the sunshine.

On the way back we always have another close look at the sea and the way the sun reflects on its surface.

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