Friday, 23 March 2012

Gordon Baldwin - Objects for a Landscape

The purpose of our trip to York was to see the Gordon Baldwin exhibition at York Gallery. There were five of us: three are passionate admirers/followers/groupies of Baldwin's work and the other two were partners who came for the fun of the trip. I think I can speak for all three of us when I say that the trip and the visit to the gallery was like a pilgrimage. We were not disappointed. Over 100 pots, sculptures, forms, to feast our eyes on and we visited the gallery three times in the course of the two days. The exhibition is on until the end of June, and what I ask myself is: will I be able to resist going back for one more look?

It is tempting to show all the pots that were in the exhibition, but that would be too much even for me. What I will do however is do two posts: one of the photographs I took and the other of photographs I took of the catalogue. This post consists of the photographs I took.

Vessel for Max Ernst, 1975  (stoneware)

viewed from a different angle

Developed Bowl on Base, 1980  (earthenware)

viewed from a different angle

Developed Bowl on Base, 1979 (earthenware)

a different view

Picasso Variation Blue II, 1984,  (earthenware with porcelain)

one more photograph from a different angle

Dyad V, 1986,  (earthenware)

and again

Dove II, 2004,  (earthenware)

Painting in the Form of a Bowl, 1985,  (earthenware)

Long Spout, 1988  (earthenware)

Vessel from an Inscape, 1993, (earthenware)

Vessel from an Inscape, 1988  (earthenware)

Second Vessel with Grey Line, 2005,  (earthenware)

Anubis I and II, 2001,  (earthenware)

Painting in the Form of a Bowl, 1989,  (earthenware)

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