Friday, 9 March 2012

Henry Moore at Leamington Art Gallery

This exhibition of Henry Moore bronze working models and drawings is part of the Arts Council Collection.

"Simplicity as an aim in itself tends to emptiness and monotony, but simplicity in carving, interpreted as lack of surface trimmings, reveals the contrast in section, axis, direction and bulk between different shapes and so intensifies the 3-dimensional power in a work".

Helmet Head no. 3, 1960

Stringed figure, 1938

Slow Form, Tortoise 1962

Composition, 1934

Time/Life Screen, 1952

Knife Edge, Two piece, 1962

Reclining Figure:Internal/External Form, 1951

"All the best work I know is both abstract and representational at the same time".

Seated Figure against a Curved Wall, 1956-57

Sleeping Mother and Child

Standing and Reclining Figures, 1950

Women Winding Wool, 1948

The photographs are not mine as we were not allowed to photograph - they were downloaded from the internet.

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