Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Epigraphic Museum - 2

On 1 February, 2012, I did a post on the Epigraphic Museum in Athens, where my father was Director when I was growing up.

When visiting when I was a child, if the Museum photographer was there, they would sit me on one of those columns, which by the way, looked huge to me back then,  and they would take my photograph.

I did not have access to those photographs at the time, as I was in Greece, but have managed to unearth them, so here are three.

Here I am with my father. I remember the dress I was wearing very well. It had been sent to me by friends from the States and I used to love this dress.

Same occacion, I think, as it is the same dress, perched on one of the columns.

Different occasion, different dress, but I remember this one as well - from the States too, if I remember correctly.


  1. Still as gorgeous as ever. Some things never change.

  2. What delightful photographs, what great memories.

  3. You were certainly a very cute young girl! Must be good to have them as souvenirs and relive the memories.

  4. Thank you greatacre. It is very good having the photographs. It was quite emotional visiting the Museum after all these years - and nothing had changed.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I remember that dress !!!!!

    1. It's amazing what one remembers.... I also remember the sandals.