Saturday, 28 April 2012

Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Museum of Modern Art in New York. Packed out - far too many people to chill out and enjoy, but still, not to be missed

We looked at the 20th century exhibits of the permanent collection and two temporary exhibitions, one of Diego Riviera's murals and one of Cindy Sherman's photographs.

Five floors, packed with art and with people enjoying the art

Situated at the entrance, these 'gentlemen' turned their head sand followed you with their gaze as you passed.

In this post I want to concentrate on the sculpture garden of the museum.

A fantastic space very condusive to relaxing

The King Playing with the Queen, 1944, Max Ernst

Man in the Open Air, 1915, Elie Nedelman

Family Group, 1948-49, Henry Moore

Moonbird, 1966, Joan Miro

the fact that it was sunny and 25oC also helped immensely

Floating Figure, 1927, Gaston Lachaise

Entrance Gate to Paris Metro Station, c1900, Hector Guimard

Daphne, 1930, Renee Sintenis

The Back, II (1911-13),  III (1913-16), IV (1931) , Henri Marisse

the pool was very Mies Van Der Rohe

Frances Adele Lewis

The Mediterranean, 1902-05, Aristide Maillol

Alberto Giacometti

She-Goat, 1950, Pablo Picasso

Water Tower, 1998, Rachel Whiteread.

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